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The Commonwealth Ministry is the centre for administration and bureaucracy of the Intergalactic Commonwealth located on the core planet Orous.


The Commonwealth Ministry is responsible for many legal and regulatory functions, including confirming recurrences and officiating marriages between members of the entitled class.

The Ministry is comprised of a labyrinth of diverse departments and offices, and appears to use relatively antiquated technology and bureaucratic systems. The officials working for the Ministry are shown to be corrupt and somewhat unpleasant, accepting bribes and demonstrating little sympathy for the long waits endured by members of the public.

While advocates are on hand to guide particularly important persons through the Ministry, most ordinary Orousians have to navigate the various departments and offices alone.


Known departments found at the Commonwealth Ministry include:

  • Quit Claims
  • Seals and Signets
  • Hall of Titles
  • Sub-33
  • Revenue Revue
  • Revenue Request
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Title Transfer

Known staffEdit

The following named characters are known to work for the Commonwealth Ministry:

  • Advocate Bob
  • Seals and Signets Minister
  • Authentication Minister

Role in the filmEdit

Jupiter Jones and Caine Wise visit the Commonwealth Ministry to have Jupiter officially recognised as the recurrence of Seraphi Abrasax. Jupiter and Caine are escorted through the many departments of the Commonwealth Ministry by Advocate Bob, and struggle to get her paperwork sorted until Bob bribes one of the ministers to authenticate Jupiter's application. Jupiter receives her entitlement tattoo from the Seals and Signets Minister, and is subsequently kidnapped by agents working for Titus Abrasax.