Katherine Dunlevy
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Walker Dunlevy (father)


Jupiter Jones


Jupiter Ascending

Katherine Dunlevy is an employer and friend of Jupiter Jones, and the daughter of Walker Dunlevy.

Role in the filmEdit

Jupiter uses Katherine's name as a false name on her registration papers for the fertility clinic where Vladie Bolotnikov arranges for her eggs to be harvested. While Jupiter is at Katherine's house offering advice on the latter's personal life, keepers in the employ of Balem Abrasax break in and examine Katherine on the mistaken belief that she is the recurrence of Seraphi Abrasax. Jupiter observes from a closet and takes a photo of the keepers as they examine Katherine, but they're alerted to her presence when her phone rings. The keepers quickly 'blank' Jupiter and Katherine, removing their memories of the incident.


Katherine comes from a privileged background and appears to be rather frivolous and indecisive. Nonetheless, she seems to be good-hearted and has genuine regard for Jupiter despite the latter's lower status. She also seems somewhat naive, expressing surprise at Jupiter's mother's pessimistic views on love.


Austin DavisEdit

Austin Davis is Katherine's boyfriend, and she believes he is about to propose to her at an upcoming dinner date. Katherine mainly seems to be taken with Austin on account of his impressive credentials, though she is clearly uncertain of the extent of her affection for him, asking Jupiter for her opinion on what she ought to do should Austin propose.

Jupiter JonesEdit

Jupiter works as a cleaner at the Dunlevy household, but Katherine treats Jupiter more like a friend and is shown to value and appreciate her advice. Jupiter and Katherine appear to have an interest in fashion in common, since Katherine has a closet full of designer dresses and trusts Jupiter enough to let her pick out a dress for her dinner date with Austin.